APCS represents the short name for the “Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida”. It is a Miami, South Florida based local educational organization that offers Commissions for Independent Education CEU Credits. It promotes ideas and practices through South Florida Faculty Training sessions among private colleges, post-secondary schools and universities in all over South Florida region to improve their quality of performance.

What APCS Offers?
For years, APCS has proudly promoted some of the most beneficiary training sessions for the local private educational industry to enhance their both educational and administrative capabilities.

    It presents seminars to develop advance administrative knowledge in all areas of your school (C.E.U.s for staff, administrators, and faculty).

    It offers networking opportunities with local organizations.

    It also promotes legislation that is beneficial to the Association’s institutional and individual members.

    It recognizes and showcases exemplary programs, practices, activities, and individuals.

Apart from this, APCS also offers South Florida Admission Training programs, which will provide beneficial awareness about crucial factors of admission process that will help in enhancing the capabilities of staffs and helps to strengthen the reputation of your education institute in community. Training programs and workshops of APCS’s South Florida Admission Training will provide your staffs’ effective usage of automation technology process that will help them in simplifying critical admission processes. After the training session, your staffs will be well-acquainted with the admission process making it more user friendly and well communicated with others.

Check here some of the private colleges and schools of South Florida, who are now members of APCS and today is counting as best for their administrative and educational capabilities. To join us at APCS, dial us at 786-456-3676 or just send an e-mail in luis.diaz@apcsfla.org. For further details on our services, please visit our website www.apcsfla.org today.